Eni AGIP Eco Permanent Motorcycle Engine Coolant QTY 4 1L Bottles ACEPL

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AGIP Eco Permanent is a biodegradable, Nitrite-Amine-Phosphate free product, easy-use for direct application, i.e. without dilution with water, as a coolant in the radiator systems of all types of vehicles, including heavy trucks. To obtain the full advantages of the high performance of this product, it is advisable not to mix it with other types of antifreeze.


  • Has a very low freezing point, which means that it can be used in all types of climate, all the year round. 
  • It is a long-life fluid which remains stable during storage as well as in use. It can therefore remain in service for long periods without having to be changed. 
  • It is not acidic, and so does not damage metals, even those most readily affected, such as aluminium, copper and soldering alloys. 
  • Its considerable alkalinity reduces any tendency towards corrosion, even after long periods of service. 
  • Its special anti-rust properties prevent damage to any ferrous metals with which it comes in contact. 
  • The special formulation prevents scale formation in cooling system components, even at high circulation velocities. 
  • Antifoaming properties also contribute to good heat exchange between the fluid and cooling system components, even at high circulation velocities. 
  • It does not cause swelling in rubber components of cooling systems. 
  • It has a high boiling point which ensures continued performance even under severe service conditions. 
  • Its inherent anti-cavitation properties, either in the pump or in the cylinder block, make it particularly suitable for applications where cavitation is likely to be a problem, e.g. in high-power engines, in cooling systems with high circulation velocities, or in diesels where vibration can cause problems.     


AGIP ECO PERMANENT meets the requirements of the following specification and tests: 

  • ASTM D 3306, general performances
  • ASTM D 2570, simulated service corrosion test 
  • ASTM D 4340, aluminium corrosion under heat-rejecting conditions 
  • BMW 291-A, sludges and corrosion test 
  • CUNA 956-16, rubber compatibilità 
  • Maserati


QTY 4 1L bottles (1US gallon = 3.785 liters)