Eni i-Sint PC 4AM 5W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil Case

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A high-performance, synthetic engine oil formulated to meet the needs of modern gasoline-fueled engines. i-Sint lubricants, intended for the lubrication of most vehicles currently in circulation, are highly reliable under all operating conditions and for all types of cars, from small compact cars to sports models.

 QTY 1 equals 12 1L bottles

Properties and Performance

  • Provide superior protection against harmful engine deposits and wear caused by severe high and low temperature service
  • Outperforms conventional engine oils by providing unsurpassed protection from thermal breakdown
  • Flows better than conventional engine oils at extremely low temperatures
  • Provide extra protection against accelerated oil consumption normally associated with high temperature conditions
  • Are formulated for use in both gasoline and light duty diesel applications


eni i-Sint PC 4AM engine oils meet or exceed the requirements of the following service specifications:
- API SN/CF (5W-40)
- API SL/CF (5W-30)
- ACEA A3/B4-10
- VW Standard 502 00 / VW Standard 505 00
- MB-Approval 229.3
- MB-Approval 229.5
- BMW Longlife-01
- Porsche A40 – Reference No. 2011/06/885 (5W-40)

Due to continual research and development, the information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Always follow manufacturers’ recommendations for lubricant performance, viscosity grade and oil change interval as these may vary depending on ambient temperature, fuel composition, model year and environment of operation.