Smallest Upscale 12V Mini Amp Debuts

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Smallest Upscale 12V Mini Amp Debuts

Mosconi Pico 2

Mosconi is now shipping what it calls the world’s smallest high quality car audio amplifier.  The 2-channel PICO 2 is a palm-sized amplifier measuring only 3.4 x 3.1 x 1.2-inches.

The Class D amplifier is made in Italy and designed to fit inside a car, bike, motorcycle or other vehicle.

It’s rated at 80 watt power output at 4 ohms with full ratings listed below.  The PICO 2 also has selectable 80Hz  OFF / HP / LP internal 12db/octave crossover, and high and low level input with autosense.

It’s finished in brushed aluminum with a retail price of $399.



2Ch Stereo @ 4Ω 80W x 2

2Ch Stereo @ 2Ω 100W x 2

1Ch bridged @ 4Ω 200W x 1

T.H.D. @ 4Ohm – 1W 0.06%

S/N (80W ref. – min sens.) 100dB (“A” weighted)

Power bandwidth (-1dB @ 4Ohm) 10Hz – 20KHz

Source: Mosconi

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