Ford 2011-2018 Factory OEM Radio 4 Channel 400 Watt Amp + Add A Sub Harness Kit

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Ford 2011-2018 Factory Radio Add A Subwoofer Amplifier Plug & Play Harness

Want to add a boost to your interior speakers?

Want to keep your factory original OEM stereo?

Don’t want or know how cut into your wiring?

Take the guesswork out of the installation with this plug and play wire harness!  Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Remove your OEM factory radio
  2. Unplug the OEM factory wiring and plug in this wire harness
  3. Reinstall your OEM factory radio

What is it?

This wire harness integrates a 4 channel amp that adds 45 watts RMS to your speakers AND provides a subwoofer signal output with remote turn on so a sub amp can be installed as well.  No additional wires to run or connections to be made to get the 4 channel amp to work!  Best of all, you don't have to know how to "tune" an amp!  All your EQ settings are handled by your radio, and this power pack just amplifies them.  There is an adjustment that lets you fine tune your system by letting you pick the type of signal you want to reach your interior speakers:  Low(LPF), High(HPF), or full signal(OFF, what we recommend.)  To control subwoofer volume we do offer bass knobs so that subwoofer volume can be adjusted independent of the radio.

What you will receive
  • One (1) plug and play wire harness with a pre-installed power pack and subwoofer RCA output.

Compatibility Notes

  • Where this REALLY shines is when you've replaced your stock speakers with aftermarket 2 or 4 ohm speakers, and are wanting some extra punch.
  • Use caution when installing this on OEM speakers, especially if they are 10+ years old.  Some speakers are only rated in the 10-20 watt range, and while applying 45 watts to them isn't what kills them, its being heavy handed with the volume knob that does. :-) (Think speakers on the rear deck, or in a convertible, that have been exposed to the sun for 10+ years, it won't take much to finish them off!)
  • If this is being installed on a vehicle with a "premium sound" system such as JBL, Pioneer, etc. this harness may need to be connected at the factory OEM amp and not directly at the radio. Again, use caution when doing this because you're really adding a good amount of power to OEM speakers!
Compatible with these models

Ford Edge 2018 2018
Ford Edge 2015 2017
Ford Edge (with 4.2-inch screen) 2011 2014
Ford Escape (with 4.2" screen) 2013 2018
Ford Explorer (with 4.2-inch screen) 2011 2018
Ford F-150 2018 2018
Ford F-150 2015 2017
Ford F-150  (with 4.2-inch color screen) 2013 2014
Ford F-250/350/450/550  (base model "XL" with CD)  ("XLT") 2018 2018
Ford F-250/350/450/550  (base model "XL" with AM/FM only radio) 2018 2018
Ford F-250/350/450/550  (base model "XL" with CD)  ("XLT") 2017 2017
Ford F-250/350/450/550  (base model "XL" with AM/FM only radio) 2017 2017
Ford Fiesta  (without MyFord Touch)  (silver dash) 2014 2018
Ford Fiesta  (without MyFord Touch)  (black dash) 2014 2018
Ford Fiesta  (with SYNC)  (silver dash) 2011 2013
Ford Fiesta  (with SYNC)  (black dash) 2011 2013
Ford Fiesta  (without SYNC)  (silver dash) 2011 2013
Ford Fiesta  (without SYNC)  (black dash) 2011 2013
Ford Focus  (with 4.2-inch screen) 2015 2017
Ford Focus  (without MyFordTouch)  2012 2014
Ford Fusion 2017 2017
Ford Fusion 2013 2016
Ford Mustang  (with 8-inch screen) 2015 2017
Ford Mustang  (with 4-inch screen) 2015 2017
Ford Transit  (without NAV )  (with separate 4.2-inch screen) 2015 2016
Ford Transit  (without NAV)  (without separate 4.2-inch screen) 2015 2018
Ford Transit Connect (with NAV) 2014 2016
Ford Transit Connect  (without NAV)  (with cd)  (gray dash) 2014 2016
Ford Transit Connect   (without NAV)  (with cd)  (black dash) 2014 2016
Ford Transit Connect  (without NAV)  (without cd) 2014 2016

Converter adjustment instructions:
  1. After completing all of the necessary connections, turn the adjustment pots all of the way down by rotating them completely counter-clockwise.
  2. Turn the stereo system on and adjust the main volume control on the stereo to approximately 3/4 maximum volume.
  3. Select one of the adjustment pots and turn it slowly clockwise until you notice audio distortion and then stop.
  4. Turn the remaining pot to the same position as the previously adjusted pot.