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Finally had time to spray the car after getting most of the mechanics straightened out.Materials-Three gallons of Yellow RDS-One gallon Matte Clear-50g Wu-Tang Yellow pearl mixed into the Matte Clear gallon-Three spray cans of whiteBeat up city car.....(relatively rust free though!)Tires need a hair cut :pMuch better! Pearl appliedFinished!Couldn't be happier with the results compared to what it looked like before!

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Mosconi is now shipping what it calls the world’s smallest high quality car audio amplifier.  The 2-channel PICO 2 is a palm-sized amplifier measuring only 3.4 x 3.1 x 1.2-inches. The Class D amplifier is made in Italy and designed to fit inside a car, bike, motorcycle or other vehicle. It’s rated at 80 watt power output at 4 ohms with full ratings listed below.  The PICO 2 also has selectable 80Hz  OFF / HP / LP internal 12db/octave crossover, and high and low level input with autosense. It’s finished in brushed aluminum with a retail price of $399. Specifications:...

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After a brief hiatus, we are back carrying Eni fluids for both motorcycles and cars! We are working on getting everything priced and uploaded to our site here as well as our eBay store so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, drop us a line! or keep an eye on our eBay store!  Shop for eni/AGIP motorcycle & automotive products!

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Smartstart installed on our 2004 Infiniti G35 using an iPhone.(Also compatible with Blackberry and Android!)  You can select from either a Python, Viper, or Clifford application skin.  We selected Python because...well...we are a Python dealer :).  We are using the Smartstart paired with the Viper 5101 (Python 1401/4102P, Clifford 1.2/4102X).  Should you have a two way system, two way confirmations will be sent to your phone.  Button presses are followed by a confirmation pop up letting you know that the signal has been sent.  For more information, shoot us an email to or visit!

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