Remote Start FAQ

Remote Start FAQ

What is an Immobilizer Bypass (Interface)?

An interface unit makes it possible to connect after-market electronics into a modern networked vehicle system. It also decreases the installation time in most cases. A car with an Immobilizer Interface has a coded ignition cylinder, meaning without the proper key, the vehicle will not start. The Immobilizer Interface will allow the vehicle to "see" the correct key, and start just like the key was in the car.

Why do I need an Interface Module?

In general, all modern vehicles now require some level of vehicle interface device. In 1995 automakers introduced vehicles that utilized integrated computer networks and security systems that centralized control of the vehicles engine and drive-train management and features. These devices can range in complexity and ease of installation but in general will save time with the installation by communicating directly with the vehicle on board computer system, as opposed to using multiple wired connections and relays.

I’ve lost or damaged my remote. How can I turn the alarm off and start my car?(Typical procedure, but not for EVERY unit)

You will first need to locate your system’s “valet switch”. It is a small, black, momentary button that is usually mounted in an accessible, but not obvious location towards the bottom of the driver’s side dash. A common location would be on the driver’s kick panel cover, or on the side of the center console (if the vehicle has one).

Once this switch is located you will need to put your key into the ignition cylinder and turn it to the “ON” or “RUN” position. The alarm will trigger again at this point. Immediately after turning the key to this position you will need to press and release the valet switch one time. About one second later the alarm should turn off. During installation the installer can program this button for anywhere between 1 to 5 presses, however most installers leave it at the factory default of one press. If one press does not work, repeat the process and try pressing the valet switch two times instead. Repeat the process up to five presses or until the system disarms.

I need to temporarily override my alarm during service to my vehicle or because I do not have a remote for the system. How do I do this?(Typical procedure, but not for EVERY unit)

There are two methods of entering “valet mode”, which is a mode in which all alarm features are disabled, leaving only remote start or keyless features working (if applicable). The first method is to locate the “valet switch”, which is a small, black, momentary switch usually located towards the bottom of the dash on the driver’s side of the vehicle. After you have located this switch you will need to open the driver door, insert your key into the ignition cylinder and turn it to the “ON” or “RUN” position, then immediately turn it back off and remove the key. After removing the key, immediately press and release the valet switch 1 time. The LED on the dash should illuminate solid at this time, indicating that the system is in valet mode. To exit valet mode, simply repeat the process.

The second method of entering valet mode is only available on newer systems. This method has you open the driver door, then press the lock button, immediately followed by the unlock button, immediately followed by the lock button again. The LED will illuminate solid to indicate the vehicle is in valet mode. To exit this mode, simply repeat the process.

Will having a remote car starter installed void a vehicle’s warranty?

In brief – NO. This is probably the biggest remote car starter question clients have, and the one with the most misunderstanding and misinformation around it. The simple answer is that having a Remote Car Starter will not void your warranty. The Magnuson Act Laws are in place to allow you to have devices like remote starters installed in your vehicle. You should ensure that the quality of equipment you choose, and the quality of installation is such that warranty concerns do not come into play. The best method is to select a reputable remote start system manufacturer and have it installed by a professional authorized dealer for that product. They have been trained to work with those systems and a quality manufacturer will support both your and the installing dealer (us) in the event there are any concerns or obstacles to overcome. In fact many dealers will use the same products and often have a specialist like ourselves install remote starters in vehicles at the time of purchase when they were not factory installed in the vehicle!

Can somebody steal my car while it is running with the Remote Starter?

No, while the remote start system is running your steering wheel lock, transmission lock and key transponder system (if equipped) all remain active. If a valid key is not inserted into your vehicles ignition and turned to on or run position, the remote start system will shut the engine down as soon as the brake pedal is touched. Your vehicle will also remain locked while it is remote started (provided you locked it when you exited the vehicle).


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