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GREAT content from creator Kenneth aka crazykenkid on the forums.  CLICK HERE for the original post from 2006 to see further discussion.   Today I will be testing 14 different brands of 1/0 power wire. The brands I will be testing are brands that I have found in builds on this forum and have been recommendation to test by other members on the SSA forum. Lately on the forums I have been noticing people asking a variety of question in regards to 1/0 wiring as in to flex and a comparison of different brands of wires and how thick each...

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Car audio purists, don't crucify this post.  The point is to illustrate/conceptualize an example :).  Typically this scenario applies to rear speakers in a car. Almost everyone is familiar with amp ratings like 500 watts x 1 @ 4ohms when talking subwoofers. Well, the same applies to radios and interior speakers because guess what, your radio has an amplifier inside it :). Only in this scenario there is an additional factor that people always skip over.....speaker wire resistance. Just like sub amps radios have a sweet spot where they work the best, and that typically is at 4 ohms of...

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