300zx Tein Street Advance Coilover Assembly

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300zx Tein Street Advance Coilover Assembly

Quick overview on how to assemble Tein's 300zx Street Advance Coilover

First bask in all it's green glory for motivation, then pull your stock suspension.(There are writeups all over the internets)  You're going to need your/a stock bumpstop for this install(Or buy new if yours have totally disintegrated.)

Note that there is a notch that the threaded body has to sit in.  Remember to check and make sure that it is seated like this when you go to put the top hat on.  It just rests here so as you assemble the coilover it is likely to move around and come out of place a few times.  No biggie, just make sure its seated here when you start tightening things down.

Bumpstop trimming:  Directions tell you to trim 3/4"(0.75) inch off.  For ease of cutting I guesstimated that to be right in the middle where the two "humps" come together.  You will want to remove the top half, and leave the bottom.  You will be sliding the top of the OEM bumpstop onto the shock.

Next, do the same to your/a stock bumpstop.  You will be using the top portion that you cut off and sliding it over the existing bumpstop on the Tein dampener.

Slide the lower half of the Tein bumpstop down, and slide on the dust boot.

Slide on the upper half of the OEM bumpstop that you cut on top of the dust boot as well as the spring.

As you can see, this donut is supposed to slide down the dampener to meet the top hat, not stop like in this picture.  The inner part is metal so it needed to be "opened" a bit with a Dremel.

Once you have opened up the hole, just add the top nut and you're ready to install it on the car!

Torque Specs

Front Suspension
Lower strut nut 72-87 lbs/ft
Top strut nut 25-33 lbs/ft
Top strut mounting bracket 23-31 lbs/ft
Upper link and third link 65-80 lbs/ft
Upper link bracket - top bolts 80-94 lbs/ft
Upper link bracket - lower bolts 43-58 lbs/ft
Tension rod bushing bolt 65-80 lbs/ft
Tension rod attachment bolts 80-94 lbs/ft
Tension rod bracket 80-94 lbs/ft
Lower control arm 80-94 lbs/ft
Stabilizer (Sway bar) bushing brackets 29-36 lbs/ft
Stabilizer (Sway bar) connecting rod 41-47 lbs/ft
Front suspension member (bolts to frame) 65-80 lbs/ft
Rear Suspension
Lower strut nut 57-72 lbs/ft
Top strut nut 13-17 lbs/ft
Top strut mounting bracket 12-14 lbs/ft
Upper link rear (inside bolt) 51-65 lbs/ft
Upper link rear (inside bolt) 57-72 lbs/ft
Lower control arm 57-72 lbs/ft
Member stay (used for subframe bushings) 72-87 lbs/ft
Member stay (connecting bolts (2)) 19-24 lbs/ft
Stabilizer (Sway bar) bushing brackets 32-47 lbs/ft
Stabilizer (Sway bar) connecting rod 6-9 lbs/ft


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